TreeMaster Series Safety Features

Our equipment is designed to keep the operator out of the air and allow the operator to work in a safer, more controlled and productive environment. We value the lives of those who serve this industry and our innovative equipment design offers a distinct advantages over any other bucket or manual tree trimming application.

Electro-hydraulic Proportional Controls for smooth and precise operation for the operator, which allows multiple functions at the same time with full control.

Multi-axis Controls, Hardwired and Radio Remote Controls to reduce overall operator panel clutter- all in the hands of the operator.

Fall Protection on Radio Controls ensures the radio is partnered with the proper control module, along with a 45 degree tilt kill switch.

Control Module Display easier and quicker trouble shooting and adjustments of the control system.

Outrigger Load Sensor Module controls will not activate without the outriggers down and operator cab ladder in stowed position.

Joystick Control Trigger Activation trigger must be manually engaged or disengaged for all aerial control functions.

Wireless Radio Remote Control Function controls are identical to operator cab controls allowing for operator-friendly transition. The wireless control can be used when operator cab visibility is impaired or when unsafe cutting or spraying conditions exist.

Emergency "E-Stop" feature is included on the operator cab and the wireless remote.

Di-electric Tested Insulated Boom comes standard on all forestry trucks, unless otherwise specified by the customer.