The Treemaster Series


Urban/Rural Vegetation Management

TerraTech's state-of-the-art, integrated tree trimming systems™ can be mounted on various vehicles and carriers to ensure access when and where you need it. The TreeMaster is one of our integrated tree trimming systems™ attached to a 360 degree bi-directional axial rotation swivel featuring TerraTech's innovative cutter head and various tool configurations.

Operational Features

The Treemaster Series is designed specifically for urban and most rural electric distribution vegetation management applications. The Treemaster Series will offer advantages in the DOT, Parks & Recreation, and County & Municipal Vegetation Management.

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Safety Features

The Treemaster Series offers a much safer approach over other conventional methods of vegetation management. Aerial man-lifts, such as bucket trucks and tree climbers are more hazardous and as a result increase insurance costs.  The Treemaster Series removes the tree trimming personnel from an aerial lift device that is working in close proximity to energized powerlines.  These safety benefits will save lives, reduce injuries and reduce insurance costs.

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