Integrated Tree Trimming Systems™

TerraTech offers customized equipment to meet your specific needs. Customer-specified forestry truck chassis and boom configuration (standard knuckle, over center, offset and telescoping booms up to 75 feet) are some of the options available.

Precision and high-volume cutting, material handling and chemical spraying tools are the main design features of TerraTech's Integrated Tree Trimming System™.

There are a significant amount of deaths and injuries that occur every year in the vegetation management industry; and more particularly, in the electric utility industry where aerial bucket truck and/or manual tree climbing applications are utilized. At TerraTech, we have successfully created a way to make the tree trimming business much safer, more productive and more cost affective. We believe that by reducing the amount of time that tree trimming personnel are placed up in the air in close proximity to energized power lines will increase the overall safety of the operation.

Our proven product design experience combined with our actual field application knowledge of tree trimming equipment will provide our customers with a huge market edge over other bucket and manual competitors. We offer increased production with an articulating cutter head that will allow the operator to cut limbs at any given angle.

Our customers will realize some of the following benefits: increased production, reduced overall equipment and operating costs, reduced labor, reduced insurance costs, and reduced fuel costs. Most importantly you will show a true willingness to offer a safer and affective method of trimming trees to your valued customer.