TerraTech Integrated Cutter Head Features

The cutter head has a 360-degree multi-directional axial rotation and a 90-degree, side-to-side wand movement in either direction. This allows tree limbs to be cut at almost any angle, performing precise arbor cuts, in most conditions, and controlling low-level vegetation in most conditions. The axial rotation and side to side wand movement are combined with the three 16-inch, circular carbide tipped saw blades. The blades are mounted on the saw bar arm that offers a fixed or 360 degree bi-rotational direction cutting capability.

For limited accessibility to the cutting envelope, precision cuts are made with the limb shear that will cut individual branches up to 3-4 inches in diameter.

The hydraulic limb clamp allows for the securing of branches and over hang up to 5 inches in diameter, growing in potentially hazardous positions. This feature allows for precision extractions, and careful handling and placement of the cut tree limbs when required.

The multi-tipped, adjustable, bi-directional chemical spray head is attached to the saw bar arm, for maximum versatility and control.  The multi-directional axial rotation allows the chemical spray head to be introduced at any angle and can also be used on ground cover.