Benefits of the TerraTech Integrated Tree Trimming Systems™


With our patented integrated cutter head and an overcenter 360 degree insulated knuckle boom, vegetation control functions can also be performed by utilizing the wireless remote control features to operate the unit from ground level or conventionally from the protected operator cab. For most vegetation control requirements, our integrated tree trimming systems™ virtually eliminate the need for bucket trucks, hand tools such as chain saws and ropes, and reduces the amount of time that crews are exposed to working conditions in close proximity to power lines and other safety hazards.

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Our integrated tree trimming systems™ offer a wide range of vegetation control methods that can be quickly performed by a single operator. The saw bar arm, limb clamp, limb shear and chemical spray head are contained within one assembly for ease of use and efficiency, adding unparalleled productivity to your workforce.

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TerraTech offers over 40 years of field-proven machinery design and fabrication experience, combined with a rich background in vegetation control. We know from "first-hand" experience that the utilization of "field-proven" equipment components is paramount to your success as a contractor. Our reliable, innovative products are comprised of industry-accepted "field-proven" components and fittings that will assure reliable performance and facilitate routine service maintenance. Our world-wide support team has you covered for all of your service needs.


Utilization of our state-of-the-art tree trimming system will significantly increase contractor productivity and profitability. TerraTech’s integrated tree trimming systems™ provide an immediate competitive edge over the conventional tree trimming bucket truck fleets. Our integrated tree trimming systems™ will significantly reduce labor and crew configuration costs, equipment cost, fleet utilization requirements, overall fleet fuel costs, workers’ compensation, commercial fleet insurance, general liability insurance costs, and capital equipment expenditures.